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Second Story – ‘Abducted’

So, once I was able to start mixing with the REAL drum tracks, the first song I started working on was the first one in the queue (they’re alphabetical). So, Abducted it is!

Abducted was one of Second Story’s simpler songs; a basic A-B-A-B sort of affair, it has some very cool unique things going on. For one, John’s repeating hypnotic keyboard bass line in the choruses are hooky as hell. Also, I played the verses using the Funk Fingers (see an earlier blog post if you don’t know what those are.) Tom played the hell out of the verse groove, particularly. And Scott had a nice recurring melodic line. Also curious is the lack of any vocals in the “chorus” – the intent (with John’s bass line and Tom playing “four on the floor”) was to simulate a dance floor. After all, the song is about being Abducted by the groove. So the groove says it all in this one.

So I did a bit of work on the tune, and Scott came over and listened to my early “alpha mix.” He had a couple of interesting suggestions, and we did a little bit of fun experimentation, particularly on some vocal effects. There are also some interesting “surprises” that will reveal themselves when the song is finally released – but I’m not giving out any spoilers, so you’ll just have to wait.

(evil grin.)

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