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Our Music Video for "Wake"

Back in the day, our band Second Story had a song called “Wake” which was a fan favorite. Dark and a little spooky, it featured samples by Dr. Jack Kevorkian and told a story of a person who was “trapped in their own body” by illness or injury. The song’s lyrics are a study in duality – the first verse asks for release from her prison by being “woken up”, while the second verse asks to be “woken up” by being released…

Sometime around 2000, we shot a music video for the song – a co-worker of myself and John was studying film in college, and she needed a good project for a class. She conceived and edited the entire video, as well as secured a location and brought all the props and other needs. We basically showed up, and that was it! We wanted to eventually edit in some performance footage to make it more like a traditional music video, but never made that happen. But it’s pretty cool to watch!


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